About Us

Our Story

We are the first to research into and launch Table Talkers / Table Top Advertisements as an Alternative Communications Medium. We bagged the “Best in Region” title, up again competitive Asia Pacific Region contestants, as the PIXI (Printing Innovation with Xerox Imaging) Awards.

The spot is on Top Advertising Pte Ltd, established in 2002, with the vision to be the Leading Design and Print Innovator in Asia.

We are an assembly of Creative Professionals in the Design and Print industry, commissioned to provide top-of-the-range products, advanced and innovative services. We have made a quantum leap since incorporation, from a finishing service unto a Modern Design and Print Solution Provider. We serve the complete suite, from Conceptualization to Design, Printing / Production and Delivery of any Communications Medium, Traditional or Up-To-Date.

Leveraging on Technology to enhance our capabilities, Top Advertising Pte Ltd has the latest range of Xerox Versant 2100 and RICOH Pro C7100X production series. We take pride in successfully delivery of speedy and meticulous services. Our products includes Event Displays, Corporate Collaterals, Variable Prints, Customised Publicity Mediums and Innovative Pop-ups.

We have also spun off Advanced Media Services, of which Web Media / Social Media and E-Commerce Conceptualization, Design and Implementation.

We engage Creative Communication Specialists in our lineup, to evaluate and advise on the appropriate media mix for execution of Integrated Marketing Communications Roadmaps. Top Advertising Pte Ltd is not all about business. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) runs in our blood, even before CSR became a hit phrase. It is always our priority to serve.

We are a part of the UN (United Nations) Global Compact, launched in 2002 to advance universal principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. We from ground-up commit to local initiatives which directly benefit the less-privileged, creatively too, apart from providing financial resources. We are proud to announce our arrival, in both form and function.